Stories of Learning

In all cultures, through all walks of life, people have stories to tell. Opportunities for lifelong learning arise when learners’ minds are engaged and their imagination is stimulated, which often happens when people engage with fiction.

Building upon our previous study on fiction writing and citizenship, in this Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) funded study, my collaborator, Susan Holloway and I investigate how to foster ‘creative literacies’. In this study we are seeking to understand how fiction writers have learned to become so creative. What are the strategies and skills that need to be understood better for learners how to foster their own creativity?

Through this research study we explore some of the valuable stories that authors have to share about creative learning connected to fiction writing. There are many exciting programs related to fiction writing that we wish to draw attention to – ‘creative learning sites’ such as writing festivals and conferences. Digital learning and social media also provide new opportunities to creatively engage with fiction writing.

Our research is intended to advance theories around learning and discourses around creativity to provide insights into teaching opportunities that could foster social and economic innovation in a variety of lifelong and life-wide learning contexts.

For a summary of the research findings  and list of publications please view Summary Report.