Sabbatical Life

Welcome to my first blog post. As an educator in the field of lifelong learning I try to constantly challenge myself to learn new things – which is not difficult, considering my lack of expertise in so many areas! During this sabbatical I’ve been working with my doctoral student, Erin Careless, pictured here, to learn how to build a social media platform to help share my research.

This is one of the perks of sabbatical – being able to take time to develop new skills. It’s also one of the benefits of working with graduate students – you can often learn a great deal from them. Erin’s research is on the ways that stepmothers learn to navigate their role using social media. Check out her blog at

Next week I will be in Washington DC to do interviews with fiction authors for my current SSHRC grant on lifelong learning, fiction writing, and creativity. I look forward to being able to share more about my research through this blog in the future.



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